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          The professional supplier that provide intelligent intensive storage equipment and system solutions



          Company profile

          Jiangsu EBIL Intelligent Storage Technology Co.,Ltd.,"EBILTECH"for short,is committed to the planning,design,system integration,project implementation and after-sales service for automation three-dimensional warehousing logistics projects. With its headquarter located in Gaochun High-tech Development Zone,Jiangsu, EBILTECH providing the automated and intelligent products of logistics system such as rack,pallet runner,multi shuttle,four-way shuttle,shuttle carrier,stacker crane,elevator,automatic transport system and other electrical automation and software of the logistics system.
          EBILTECH enjoys a strong technical team and high-quality management personnel. The company has 160 production personnel,30 management and service personnel,and more than 40 mechanical,electrical and software engineers. EBILTECH always attaches great importance to product innovation and R&D. It not only has its own research and development team,but also cooperates with domestic well-known research institutes to continuously enhance the technical strength of the enterprise.


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          A warm welcome to jiangsu Province Cold ...


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